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Crime victims may recover compensation from a variety of negligent business operators :

Convenience Stores — Due to the very nature of the convenience store business, violent crimes often occur at 24 hour convenience stores based upon their location, hours of operation, and the sale of alcohol.

Casinos — These businesses deal with a “high volume” of customer traffic into their building. Often criminals prey upon customers in parking lots of casinos because customers have cash in their possession.

Hotels, Motels and Resorts — Under the law, innkeepers have a duty to protect guests by monitoring and securing their premises. Failing to take appropriate security measures to deter criminal activity opens the ownership up to liability for inadequate security.

Shopping Malls and Parking Lots — We commonly see civil cases against owners of retail properties who know that criminal activity is regularly occurring on their premises, but fail to implement policies or upgrade their security procedures of surveillance systems.

Security Companies — The point of hiring a security firm is to protect against violence and criminal activity on the premises. When an attack occurs because of inadequate staffing or training, failure of security equipment or other negligence, those security contractors are liable for injuries.

Liquor Establishments — Intoxicated patrons are the root of many problems. Bars and restaurants are accountable under "dram shop" liability for injuries resulting from over serving, serving to minors, or failing to "bounce" an unruly drunk before a disturbance occurs.

Nightclubs and Bars — Fights, beatings and armed assaults frequently occur inside and directly outside of bars, resulting in serious injury to the target of the victim of the attack or innocent bystanders. Too often, the nightclubs and bars are understaffed or lack a comprehensive security program.

Strip Clubs — These establishments are often referred to as “Gentlemen’s Clubs.” Most of these businesses sell alcohol and operate on a 24 hour schedule depending upon the location.

Movie Theatres — Often times these businesses permit large crowds of juveniles to frequent their premises. Parking lots and lobby areas are prime targets for “loitering” juveniles to congregate and start disturbances and fights. Too often, adequate security is never provided to protect customers.

Office Buildings — In today’s modern business world, many businesses can occupy a multi-floor structure creating difficulty for property owners and managers to control foot traffic into the building.

Condominium Associations — These organizations are the governing body for multi-dwelling residential housing units, often referred to as condos or townhomes. Failing to provide adequate protection against crimes occurring on the property, may subject the organization to liability.

Home Owners Association — These organizations are structured much like Condominium Associations, but are usually a neighborhood association.

Hospitals — Healthcare institutions are “high foot traffic” facilities with a unique combination of security and safety challenges. These multi-floor structures often have remote parking lots which create safety concerns for the public.

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